Wizzy’s Bapssang

This book contains 13 different countries, their histories and cuisines. It is not a heavy, boring history, but it allows me to explain a little more about the country and their fabulous food. Therefore, you can understand and respect other countries and cultures. I hope you can enjoy going for crazy-coloured food and are not afraid to cook unknown international dishes. It all about celebrating, entertaining food. I hope you can enjoy it and learn about another country too. 

Good food is very simple. Everyone can cook brilliantly as long as you have fresh ingredients. All you need are local, seasonal ingredients with good spices, a bit of artistic imagination, and friends or family to eat well and laugh with. Then you can cook beautifully.

All money raised going towards the bristol community supermarket.

Self Published.

Not possible without the amazing support from the sky kong kong community.

August 2021