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Over recent years we’ve seen the Bearpit transform into a city centre garden for everyone. Let’s keep it our playground. The vision is to provide a space where local producers, artists and chefs can serve the people of Bristol and strengthen the community around it.

The Vision


A place where local Bristol producers can proudly sell their hands work in the heart of Bristol.


Healthy and hearty. Asian street food using local ingredients that opens up opportunity for young chefs with the help of chef Wizzy of Sky Kong Kong.

What we propose will be unlike any other community supermarket in the UK, which often stock donated products and tinned goods. At our community supermarket there will be seasonal, high-quality produce from the local area, offered at affordable prices.

Using local suppliers wherever possible will be good for the local economy and small businesses. Over reliance on conventional supermarkets is unsustainable, both environmentally, and in terms of individual health. The community supermarket would represent a solution to this, whilst keeping all of the convenience and affordability of a conventional supermarket.

The supermarket will be run as a non-profit enterprise, run by CIC and a mixture of paid staff and volunteers. The emphasis will be on quality, affordability, and sustainability.

Everything Under One Roof

The community supermarket would bring all the traditional producers of a village market under one roof: butcher, fishmonger, greengrocer, and baker. There will be a mixture of fresh produce, and items that have been pre-prepared by Wizzy and her team.

Temporarily Closed


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Sky Kong Kong is currently closed but please feel free to get in touch if you have any enquiries.