The Organic Korean Restaurant


09 Jun 2015

The Independent

“Forward-thinking restaurants and art initiatives have turned [Bristol] into a model of urban sustainability”

08 Mar 2015

Food & Drink Guides

“[We] were blown away by the delicate flavours and stunning presentation of the food, which had clearly been executed with a great deal of skill and creative vision.”

22 Sep 2014

Bristol 24/7

“You might not know what you’re going to eat when you visit, but you’re sure to eat very well indeed.”

07 Aug 2014

Bristol Bites

“[The] aim is to provide nutritious, healthy food that benefits both your body and your mind, with a range of different ingredients coming together to create a filling and affordable meal.”

Temporarily Closed


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Sky Kong Kong is currently closed but please feel free to get in touch if you have any enquiries.